October 30, 2010

sore cheeks + warm fuzzies

This photo captures the hilarious good fun that was my hens last weekend. There was bountiful penis paraphernalia; very embarrassing, too-much-information-for-my-mum pass the parcel, hilarious garbage brides strutting the catwalk and shiteloads of mojitos and malibu.

But what overwhelmed me most was how lucky I felt to have such amazing girlfriends. And that's what this is about. It's not just me and Marcus getting married, our wedding is also an occasion to thank everyone we love, because without them we wouldn't quite be who we are today. And that's awesome.

October 16, 2010

older but no wiser

This was me on Sunday two weeks ago, however it was much less dignified. I may have even been wearing snowboard boots. It was my birthday and we went to Mt Buller for the weekend for one last hurrah before the season ended - it was fun! I was very spoiled and got to enjoy an awesome ride and dinner with a great group of friends. But I was doomed to driving the porcelain bus when I reluctantly succumbed to a tequila shot in full snow gear at 4pm. Thank god these only come around once a year.

(image via fffound)

September 22, 2010

special delivery

Yesterday I got an email from the work receptionist letting me know that two boxes had arrived for me. I knew it was too soon for the ebay jars, so it had to be my wedding invitations - and here they are!

When my mum and I started the design process with the Save The Date cards six months ago I hoped we'd end up with something pretty awesome, but these have far exceeded my expectations. My beautiful mum has worked tirelessly on these and put up with me changing my mind and throwing up different ideas here and there, to produce something she can be very proud of. Thanks mummy!

Together with having a mum who is a graphic design teacher and Adobe Illustrator whiz, I was lucky enough to have a designer and printer I use through work offer their services as well. The designer made some final tweaks to get the files print-ready and my amazing printer sourced paper and created the envelopes, all as a wedding gift. Very sweet since all I was asking for in the first place was whether he knew any stockists of string and button envelopes!

September 18, 2010

for the love of dogs

Meet Simba, our eleven-year-old heart-melter extraordinaire and RSPCA rescue. We gave him a second chance when we brought him home in 2006 and he has given us so much more in return in the years since. We always wanted a dog having both grown up with them, but I know I didn't quite expect to feel my life so much more enriched by the experience.

Enter Bronco:

You know how people sometimes say that they wondered where they'd find the capacity to match the love they have for their first child, when thinking about a second? I think that's the same with bringing another dog into the fold. But we found it pretty quickly, even if he does think that the [socks/pen/remote control] taste pretty good.

September 7, 2010

ebay win (I hope)

I just snapped up six of these pretties for $8.74 on ebay. Trouble is, they're in the US and when I asked about postage costs the lady told me after the auction that she doesn't ship to Australia.

I'm hoping she'll give me a sweet price to post them to Florida where I can use a parcel forwarding service to get them here. I think shipping could be about $80 - $100 so they're certainly no steal, but they would be perfect as vases together with some plain glass jars, plus they'll go splendidly with our vintage photobooth.

(image via google - the ones i'm looking to buy were photographed with tatty old carpet as a backdrop, not nearly as pretty!)

August 30, 2010

dancing shoes

Together with bad music and exhaustion, stiletto-challenged tootsies are guaranteed to send people off the dancefloor.

So i've got a plan to put paid to that old chestnut. Thongs. A whole basket of them. So ladies there'll be no excuses not to bust a move!

{image via once wed}

August 1, 2010

the first dance

We heard this while listening to Splendour Bender on the way to Mt Buller on Friday night and loved it. It's Angus & Julia Stone's rendition of You're The One That I Want from Grease. This could be it!

July 28, 2010

hiatus OVER

I went through a month or so of complete ambivalence over the wedding. I couldn't even look at a wedding blog (apart from APW, but that's different) or even feign an interest in talking about the details of the wedding. I needed a bit of time out. Hell, I was even looking at mummy blogs as a diversion - what's THAT about!

Hitting the four month mark has been the smack in the face I needed to get back onto it (much to my mum's relief - not the smacking part obviously). Refreshed and revived, i've had a red-hot go at a proper to-do list and man is it long.

Among locking in a DJ, rings, makeup artist, boy's suits, cars and doing the invites, there's also the post-wedding BBQ and six-week honeymoon to organise. So much for spring snowboarding!

July 23, 2010

i want this DJ

"Flashdance is an idea that has been brewing for nearly a decade... Way back in the day Whitney [of Our Labor of Love Photography] and Michael [our genius DJ] dreamed of having their own company together...

We didn’t get into this business because we thought it would be an easy way to earn a buck, we did it because our weddings were the most amazing days of our lives, and so much fun, that we decided to trade in the grind of corporate events, music festivals, and nightclubs, to make love and happiness the biggest part of our lives.

The music that I play at any event is determined solely by the people in attendance. I can confidently cover the last 50 years of soul, jazz, funk, & rock. More recent stuff includes mainstream and underground 80's, 90's and current hip-hop, electronic, disco, house-party hits, and dance music of every variety.

I AM NOT going to tell corny jokes on the mic
I AM NOT going to play trance at your wedding!
I AM NOT going to play desperate, crappy disco to try to “Please everyone”
I AM NOT going to be an ego driven “artist” and only play what “I” want to hear
I AM NOT going to be a shitty wedding DJ!
I AM NOT going to play thug hip hop at your dinner (unless of course…)
I AM NOT going to play ipods/cds

I AM gonna play VINYL (remember that format?)
I AM going to play the perfect music for the mood of the people in attendance.
I AM going to be able to read the crowd and build the energy accordingly.
I AM going to seemlessly blend from dinner to dance party
I AM going to make you dance your ass off.
I AM going to make you laugh
I AM going to make you cry
I AM going to make your friends jealous.
I AM going to create lifelong memories…"

Sucks that i'm in Melbourne, and they're in the US.

Thanks to A Los Angeles Love for proving that it is possible to find a non-cheesy kickass wedding DJ.

Just need to find one here.

(image via once wed)

July 9, 2010

the journey

We're heading up to Mt Buller tonight. One of the many things I love about it is the drive. There's a soundtrack in my head for certain stretches of road when i'd drive up after uni each week, and a different one for a couple of years later when Marcus and I would use our days off to drive home from Buller and work on the house we were building.

These days with city jobs and a commuter lifestyle, driving home past endless green paddocks, little country houses and rolling hills is cathartic. As I fantasise at the laid-back pace of life in the towns that dot the main road, I often entertain the idea of living a simpler existence, but quickly convince myself i'd be bored out of my brain.

But would I really? is this kind of reaction just a symptom of living life at a pace where we think in weeks or months, not days, always focusing on that next thing in the future?

(photo by me, 2008)

June 26, 2010

bridemaid dresses

I've expended far more energy on the hunt for bridesmaids dresses than I have on my dress. My dress was easy - I bought the first one I tried on. No messing around and to date, no regrets. These were harder because I knew I wanted something a little bit different, while ensuring that each of the girls are comfortable and feel beautiful (it goes without saying they'll look beautiful as they're all stunners). I also wanted to find something that worked well with my dress, which is a grecian-inspired silk Lisa Ho number.

So lo and behold I was quite ecstatic when my bridesmaid K and I stumbled on this little number at Satch and I came home with three of them. MMS messages and reassuring and excited phone conversations flew back and forth between me and the other girls before I made the purchase and now i'm happy to say that all the girls have tried on their dresses and are very happy (or they're doing a good job of hiding it!). Despite their wearability, i'm not deluding myself into thinking that all the girls love them and will wear them again, but I'll sure be borrowing one!

June 21, 2010

marriage, feminism & stuff

I'm a massive fan of Meg and the insightful, intelligent discussion over there, so when I noticed that this book was listed as a must-read I promptly added it to my shopping cart. In case you can't quite make out the title, it's called The meaning of wife: A provocative look at women and marriage in the twenty-first century.

The author examines how the role of wife has been shaped over the decades, interweaving pop culture references to provide commentary on women and wifedom. She also examines the growth of the wedding industrial complex which has turned 'bride' and 'wedding' into consumer icons (I think this is particularly true in America).

I found it an enjoyable and interesting read, I've also heard that A Conscious Bride is supposed to be good, though it seems to be a bit more focused on the wedding rather than the marriage - anyone read it?

June 19, 2010

Yep, that's what I woke up to this morning. I think Marcus worked out early on that food was the way to my heart, and boy have I lucked in with him! They weren't quite the Jack Johnson variety but they were goooood.

We didn't go to the snow this weekend, partly because we've got to get a few wedding things done. Today it's the homework our celebrant gave us ages ago, where we write down how we met, what we love about each other, etc. etc.

More important to us than where we went on our first date or who proposed is our journey and what we've acheived together over the past seven years, so I think i'll pursue this angle rather than follow the template our celebrant set out for us (as helpful as she is!).

Seeing how other couples have made their ceremony uniquely theirs is inspiring. I hope I feel like this after our ceremony.

(image via woolgathering & miscellany)

June 18, 2010

on board

So i've been pondering the idea of starting my own blog for ages but it was the practicality of the thing, prompted by this post at Veiled Vows that finally got me on the bandwagon (it's almost like an email address, everyone seems to have one these days?!).

It's almost embarrassing how much time i've spent reading wedding blogs and engaging in wedding-related discussions on the interwebs over the past two years (and I haven't even been engaged for one yet). I go from being totally focused on the intricacies of stationery design to the emotion-laden topic of name-changing; I need somewhere to store my thoughts and inspiration, and now with just over five months to go, a place to find some clarity on the grey areas of indecision I often find myself in.

Here's to a practical, mindful approach to planning a (hopefully fun and beautiful!) wedding!

(image via woolgathering & miscellany)