June 18, 2010

on board

So i've been pondering the idea of starting my own blog for ages but it was the practicality of the thing, prompted by this post at Veiled Vows that finally got me on the bandwagon (it's almost like an email address, everyone seems to have one these days?!).

It's almost embarrassing how much time i've spent reading wedding blogs and engaging in wedding-related discussions on the interwebs over the past two years (and I haven't even been engaged for one yet). I go from being totally focused on the intricacies of stationery design to the emotion-laden topic of name-changing; I need somewhere to store my thoughts and inspiration, and now with just over five months to go, a place to find some clarity on the grey areas of indecision I often find myself in.

Here's to a practical, mindful approach to planning a (hopefully fun and beautiful!) wedding!

(image via woolgathering & miscellany)

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