September 18, 2010

for the love of dogs

Meet Simba, our eleven-year-old heart-melter extraordinaire and RSPCA rescue. We gave him a second chance when we brought him home in 2006 and he has given us so much more in return in the years since. We always wanted a dog having both grown up with them, but I know I didn't quite expect to feel my life so much more enriched by the experience.

Enter Bronco:

You know how people sometimes say that they wondered where they'd find the capacity to match the love they have for their first child, when thinking about a second? I think that's the same with bringing another dog into the fold. But we found it pretty quickly, even if he does think that the [socks/pen/remote control] taste pretty good.

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful pair of doggies!
    Love that you rescued them from the pound!