June 21, 2010

marriage, feminism & stuff

I'm a massive fan of Meg and the insightful, intelligent discussion over there, so when I noticed that this book was listed as a must-read I promptly added it to my shopping cart. In case you can't quite make out the title, it's called The meaning of wife: A provocative look at women and marriage in the twenty-first century.

The author examines how the role of wife has been shaped over the decades, interweaving pop culture references to provide commentary on women and wifedom. She also examines the growth of the wedding industrial complex which has turned 'bride' and 'wedding' into consumer icons (I think this is particularly true in America).

I found it an enjoyable and interesting read, I've also heard that A Conscious Bride is supposed to be good, though it seems to be a bit more focused on the wedding rather than the marriage - anyone read it?

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