October 30, 2010

sore cheeks + warm fuzzies

This photo captures the hilarious good fun that was my hens last weekend. There was bountiful penis paraphernalia; very embarrassing, too-much-information-for-my-mum pass the parcel, hilarious garbage brides strutting the catwalk and shiteloads of mojitos and malibu.

But what overwhelmed me most was how lucky I felt to have such amazing girlfriends. And that's what this is about. It's not just me and Marcus getting married, our wedding is also an occasion to thank everyone we love, because without them we wouldn't quite be who we are today. And that's awesome.

October 16, 2010

older but no wiser

This was me on Sunday two weeks ago, however it was much less dignified. I may have even been wearing snowboard boots. It was my birthday and we went to Mt Buller for the weekend for one last hurrah before the season ended - it was fun! I was very spoiled and got to enjoy an awesome ride and dinner with a great group of friends. But I was doomed to driving the porcelain bus when I reluctantly succumbed to a tequila shot in full snow gear at 4pm. Thank god these only come around once a year.

(image via fffound)