June 26, 2010

bridemaid dresses

I've expended far more energy on the hunt for bridesmaids dresses than I have on my dress. My dress was easy - I bought the first one I tried on. No messing around and to date, no regrets. These were harder because I knew I wanted something a little bit different, while ensuring that each of the girls are comfortable and feel beautiful (it goes without saying they'll look beautiful as they're all stunners). I also wanted to find something that worked well with my dress, which is a grecian-inspired silk Lisa Ho number.

So lo and behold I was quite ecstatic when my bridesmaid K and I stumbled on this little number at Satch and I came home with three of them. MMS messages and reassuring and excited phone conversations flew back and forth between me and the other girls before I made the purchase and now i'm happy to say that all the girls have tried on their dresses and are very happy (or they're doing a good job of hiding it!). Despite their wearability, i'm not deluding myself into thinking that all the girls love them and will wear them again, but I'll sure be borrowing one!


  1. The BM dresses are gorgeous and feel wonderful on - I for one can't wait to wear mine and definitely intend to wear it again!

  2. I LOVE that dress! If I were your BM I would definitely wear it over and over again (but of course I don't know their style). Great choice! :)