January 24, 2011

Quiet contemplation

Today is actually the 2nd of March so this half-written post has been sitting in my drafts for yonks . Why? I'm constantly thinking about what makes good blog fodder but not actually writing - i've decided I think too much and should just write random stuff. So i'm going to. Expect lots of 'I-read/watched-this and you should too' stuff coming up. Because I like soap-boxing and jumping on bandwagons.

Launching into a new year on the back of six weeks of unbridled adventure is particularly promising on the scale of motivation-for-things-one-wants-to-achieve, yet for the first time in years I begun 2011 without even a couple of new year's resolutions to half-heartedly attempt come 1 January.

Now, two weeks back in Oz, i've done enough navel-gazing and mental life-list-creating to keep me busy well into 2012. Anything to combat the post-holiday blues I say.

January 14, 2011

When it's all over

I've been a very bad blogger, but i'm here to tell you i'm back, married and refreshed after six weeks of amazingness in South America. Drunk on life with a dip in my hip and a glide in my stride in fact.

The realities of cubicle-dwelling have taken the shine off a little of course, but that's another discussion. The wedding was awesome. Twelve months of planning boiled down to that one surprisingly balmy Friday afternoon of love, hope, and rump-shaking fun.

And while our driver was 20 minutes late to pick me up, we made a few fumbled mistakes in the ceremony and I accidently threw my bouquet on the restaurant's roof, I would not change a thing. All those things paled in comparison to the overwhelming feeling that things don't get much better than this in life.

Not long before the wedding a recently-married colleague at work told me to try and take time to remember every moment as it happens, as it really goes by so fast. Many people recounted a similar story in their advice to me during wedding planning, but this stuck with me - maybe because it was a guy saying it perhaps. As I stood next to my soon-to-be-husband during the ceremony, I did just that; looking out at the familiar faces of dear family and friends I saw a cross-section of our lives together, these wonderful people giving up their day to be there for us - to celebrate us.

So if I could go back and change one thing I'd slow time down, because it flies by so fast it's almost unfair.

{image via fffound}